Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Blessing In The Rainy Northwest!

As everybody knows, Bruce was hired on at Kirkland Police Dept in September and we made the big trek out here to rainy, but beautiful Seattle. We are living in an absolute gem of a house in a neighborhood called, "English Hill". Philippe and Bruno are adjusting well as they have a Haven of a backyard and our fenced in backyard is backed right up to a greenbelt. We have beautiful walking trails through out the community. Just so breathtaking and peaceful. Our biggest blessing is of course the fact that we finally live around family!!! It's been so wonderful watching Hannah interact with her aunties and her Nana, and great grandmum and Jim. Seeing so much family has been sureal and cherished by us all. It's been pretty fun to finally have date night Bruce and I. Hannah is really coming into her own. Her personality is forming everyday. She cracks not only us up, but herself. More words are being said, and she's so bright. I looked over the other day and saw her scooping cat food into Philippe's cat food bowl. She is seriously in love with Winnie the Pooh. The books, music, figurines, movie (the original classic of course). She calls them by name; Boop=Pooh, Wowl= Owl, Piggy=Piglet, Woow=Rooh, Eeoh=Eeyore. She is now loving the Olivia books too. I absolutely melt when I look over and she's sitting in the corner reading a book (well flipping through paiges) by herself. Quiet and content. However, she hasn't quite mastered putting all the books back into the shelf...we'll get there. Bruce is working hard with his training. We are so so proud of him. It's tough being the new guy, that's for sure! Keep him in your prayers please! We hope everyone enjoys the begining of the festive season! We are looking forward to it! Love and blessings to everyone!


Rachel said...

Love the blog, you're such a good writer! We LOVE having you guys close to us!!! Motters + Andersons = TROUBLE!!! :)

manders said...

We are so excited to have you here which is why its so crazy that we haven't gotten together for a play date at least... Anyway we will definetely be praying for you guys. Hannah is the cutest. Miss you hope to see you soon.
luv you